Pinguino Water - Air

Why does De'Longhi make monobloc Water-Air climate control systems?

For many years the De'Longhi Research Labs have studied and developed monobloc portable Water-Air climate control systems: the cooling circuit's water cooling makes it possible to reach efficiency and power levels above any other monobloc portable climate control system on the market.

Why is it more powerful?

The water contained in the canister is used to cool the condenser (the machine's hot body), providing maximum efficiency and therefore greater cooling power. Consider how much faster a saucepan cools under a running tap (WATER) rather than blowing on it (AIR).It's obvious that the best results are achieved with water cooling.

Where does the water go?

Water sprayed on the condenser is then expelled as steam by the outlet tube, outside the room.

Can it dehumidify?

Yes. All air conditioners dehumidify the room air. The Water-Air conditioners dehumidify air more than it being more powerful and efficient absorb more moisture, up to 10/15% more.

What happens when the tank is empty?

The condensate (ie the moisture absorbed from the environment) is reused to cool the condenser to the machine that delivers greater performance. This is also ejected in the form of steam from the exhaust pipe outside the room. When it's over the water in the tank, Penguin continues to go with the air operation only.

What is the autonomy of the tank?

It depends on the mode of work that is under the car and humidity in the environment. The higher the humidity, the greater the condensation water in addition to the one inside the tank, so the higher the autonomy.

And 'noisy? And 'the quietest?

Thanks to water-cooled condenser fan (noise source) is running very slowly while significantly reducing noise. Water-air-conditioners Air conditioners are the quietest on the market block.



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