What is a BTU and why is it important?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, a measuring unit used for energy. BTU indicates the heating and/or cooling power of: the higher BTUs on a device's technical sheet, the larger the surface that can be cooled or heated.Therefore, before purchasing an air conditioner it is necessary to know how much BTU/h it supplies, i.e. what its cooling power is.

Do portable air conditioners require installation?

There is no need for any type of fixed installation. The machine is equipped with a kit for use with a window or French door to discharge air.If users prefer, they can make a hole in a wall or in the glass and use the air discharge tube in that way.

What are Decibels dB(A)?

They are the international measuring unit for noise.

  • 40 dB(A) is the level of noise inside a library;
  • 120 dB(A) instead is the noise made by a plane during take-off.
  • At approximately each 3 dB(A) increase, the noise we hear is doubled.

What are the room conditions for comfort?

To be comfortable in summer it is sufficient for the temperature to be approximately 27 °C, with a relative humidity of approximately 50%.

During the air conditioning function, does dehumidification take place too?

Yes, all air conditioners dehumidify; indeed, lowering the temperature means to automatically lower humidity in a room. To be comfortable, it's not enough to just lower the temperature, it is just as important to lower the level of humidity in the room. Indeed, at equal temperatures the feeling of stuffy air is greater when humidity is higher: case 1. Temp. 27°C + Humidity 45% = comfort case 2. Temp. 27°C + Humidity 90% = discomfort

What is the dehumidification-only function?

Some air conditioners can also function just as a dehumidifier, to increase comfort in seasons when humidity is more strongly felt.In monobloc portable air conditioners, the condensate water is eliminated via a small tube at the back of the machine.

What is the purification function?

Air conditioners can also work just as air purifiers. The fan pulls air from the room and purifies it by pushing it through special filters. Some Pinguino models are equipped with exclusive Filtrete filters that can retain even the smallest polluting particles (up to 0.3 micron). Some products have a bactericidal silver ion filter.

Do portable air conditioners also have the "heating" function?

Yes, some models are equipped with a heating function, which can be one of two types: heating element or heat pump.

What is the difference between electric heating and "heat pump"?

Electric heating works as a thermo-ventilator, i.e. it produces heat via a heating element. A heat pump air conditioner does not produce heat, but it transfers it. In the summer, it takes the heat in the room and "expells it out of the window". In winter it takes latent heat present outside and transfers it inside the room to be heated. The great advantage of this technology is its extreme efficiency: on average the air conditioner yields into the room more than three times the wattage it absorbs from the power grid (as long as outside the temperature is over 5°C approximately).

What is the EER rating and why is it important?

EER stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it is the ratio between the cooling power and the energy absorbed, both expressed in Watts. EER determines a machine's energy class: the higher the EER the more efficient the machine, as it is able to deliver high cooling power with low consumption.

What is an ecological climate control system?

De'Longhi has produced the first true ecological portable climate control system in the world. Pinguino ECO is:

  • it uses natural gases (HC) that do not harm the ozone layer;
  • the cooling system's maximum efficiency has made it possible to achieve an excellent ratio between BTU/h and Watts used (EER: Energy Efficiency Ratio). Lower power consumption means a lower contribution to the greenhouse effect (atmospheric warming also generated by the combustion of fossil fuels to produce electricity).
  • It is made of recyclable materials (as the entire range of De'Longhi climate control systems).
  • Pinguino ECO is perfectly safe. Indeed, it is designed and manufactured according to the strictest international standards regulating the use of hydrocarbons (over 100 safety tests).

How does the condensate recycling system work?

Pinguino De'Longhi uses the moisture which has been removed. Moisure (or even condensed water) is sprayed onto the condenser to accelerate the cooling process. This increases the performance. The condensed water, now in the form of steam, is taken out through the tube. Therefore De'Longhi standard "air-to-air" conditioners work with air but also with a small amount of water (condensed), guaranteeing maximum performance and efficiency. The benefits are evident: 1) higher performance 2) higher efficiency 3) continuous functioning without having to empty the tank.

How does the dehumidifying function work?

The dehumidifying process is already a part of air conditioning. In summer, it is not necessary to turn on the air conditioning and select the dehumidifying switch to eliminate excess moisture, because the air conditioner dehumidifies while cooling. The dehumidifiying function by itself is important during the intermediary seasons, when discomfort is caused not by high temperatures but instead by excessive humidity. Water coming from the dehumdifying process, is limescale-free, therefore it can be collected and used for ironing.

What is the EN14511 normative?

It is the European normative which regulates the application of Energy Labels on air conditioners displayed in the shopsd. The normative states that:

  • The label must only be placed on the products on display
  • The trade is responsible for placing the labels on the displayed products
  • The manufacturer is responsible for sending the correct product information to the trade
  • The label must refer to both cooling and heating performances of the air conditioner/li>
The Pinguino "water-to-air" is the only exception to the normative because, since it operates with water to cool down the condester, it cannot be compared to any other products in the market. Moreover, because: The EER of the portable water-air is 3.59 (W120A) The EER of a Class A air-air This means that 2.61 is the model-Air Water should be in class AAAA For this reason, portable air-water are exempted from labeling

Is it possible to add extentions to the tube?

The cooling power is reduced and the air conditioner works harder. The length of the tube, is in fact measured according to the air flow of the air conditioner. If you extend the tube the following situations will occur: A) A drastic reduction in power since the air conditioner cannot manage to dissipate the heat absorbed from the environment. B) Damage to the circuit which has to work at extremely high pressures to push the heat out. The result is an air conditioner with limited power and a greater risk of breaking down.



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