Pinguino air conditioners

The De'Longhi Pinguino air conditioners offer the maximum in terms of power, efficiency and design. Their practical features are cutting edge and guarantee reliability.

Furthermore, De'Longhi is the only ambassador in the world to manufacture "water-to-air" conditioners, which are different from the standard "air-to-air" ones because they use water to maximize the cooling effect.


Pinguino PAC WE125ECO

Maximum cooling power: 12.500 BTU/h

L'R920: a natural coolant that is truly ecological.

  • Remote control and large, backlit LCD display
  • Eco, cool and supercool programmes, separate dehumidification-only function and 24-hour digital timer. Auto and sleep function.
  • Water-Air portable Maximum cool, less consumption and more silence!
Cooler, less consumption
  • + COOLING POWER makes it colder
  • - CONSUMPTION between 15% and 20% saving
  • + SILENCE balance between air and water
  • R290 propane
  • zero impact on global warming
  • zero toxicity


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