Pinguino air conditioners

The De'Longhi Pinguino air conditioners offer the maximum in terms of power, efficiency and design. Their practical features are cutting edge and guarantee reliability.

Furthermore, De'Longhi is the only ambassador in the world to manufacture "water-to-air" conditioners, which are different from the standard "air-to-air" ones because they use water to expel the heath when hot air enters the condenser.

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    Pinguino WATER-TO-AIR portable air conditioner:

    De'Longhi is the world leader in portable air conditioners and the exclusive holder of the patented "water-to-air" technology.
    The Pinguino air conditioners that use this technology are different to the "normal" (air-to-air) conditioners because they use water to dissipate heat when hot air enters the condenser. De’Longhi’s exclusive and state-of-the-art water cooling system effectively cools the technological core of the unit with a cloud of micro water droplets which evaporate immediately and are discharged. It is through the superior cooling capacity of water that an unprecedented level of air conditioning efficiency is achieved.

    This uniqueness makes the Pinguino water-to-air conditioners superior to all the other portable monoblock conditioners currently on the market, and therefore cannot be classified according to the European laws governing energy labelling, EN14511.

    The pinguino WATER-TO-AIR is energy efficient

    Water-to-gas-to-exchange circuits-to-water-to-atmosphere. The virtuous cycle of cooling is unique to the De’Longhi Pinguino.

    High levels of efficiency and effectiveness are achieved through the use of water, delivering optimised performance with lower energy consumption. The efficiency, measured by the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), or the relationship between the cooling power delivered and consumption, is an absolute number whose value determines the energy efficiency class. For example, in order to reach class A, the EER needs to be equal to or greater than 2.60.
    The figures below illustrate this:

  • class A

    = EER > 2,60
  • class B

    = 2,60 ≥ EER > 2,40
  • class C

    = 2,40 ≥ EER > 2,20
  • class D

    = 2,20 ≥ EER > 2,00
  • class E

    = 2,00 ≥ EER > 1,80
  • class F

    = 1,80 ≥ EER > 1,60
  • classe G

    = 1,60 ≥ EER

The EER of the water-to-air conditioners

can be as high as 3.58 (Pinguino De’Longhi PAC WE110ECO model).
The EER of an air-to-air class A is 2.60. This means that the De’Longhi water-to-air models should be in a higher energy class than class A, but currently the energy classification dictated by the European law EN145111 excludes these “unique” air conditioners.


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