Pinguino air conditioners

The De'Longhi Pinguino air conditioners offer the maximum in terms of power, efficiency and design. Their practical features are cutting edge and guarantee reliability.

Furthermore, De'Longhi is the only ambassador in the world to manufacture "water-to-air" conditioners, which are different from the standard "air-to-air" ones because they use water to expel the heath when hot air enters the condenser.

elements portable air conditioner

Here is what a Pinguino portable air conditioner is made of:

a special fluid that transfers heat from a liquid to a gaseous state
Heat exchanger:
"a bottleneck" that allows the coolant to change state
the hot part of the cooling circuit, through which heat is transferred to the air (hot air that comes out of the tube on the back of the machine)
the cold part of the cooling circuit, through which air is cooled and transferred to the room (cool and dehumidified air that comes out of the machine's front grille)
the heart of the cooling circuit; it pushes gas around the machines pipes
it pushes air through the air conditioner


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